The Swift Center strives to tread lightly on the planet and to set an example for our tenants and neighbors. We accomplish this through a commitment to sustainable business practices. The Swift Center participates in the following green activities:


Energy Efficiency

To reduce greenhouse gasses and energy consumption, EPI has worked to make the Swift Center more efficient. In 2012 Cool Green Home awarded EPI with $36,500 for solar panels, native plant landscaping, a green water system, and more.

In addition, EPI has purchased renewable energy as a Green Power Pioneer and conducted a greenhouse gas assessment of the facility and operations.

The next step in making this historic building more energy-efficient was to replace the thin, drafty windows. In the spring of 2015, a local construction firm that focuses on energy-efficient building, Energetechs, completed Missoula’s first retrofit of an old building with beautiful European Glo windows. Not only do the new triple-paned windows deliver 2.5x the energy performance of standard windows, they fit with the lovely aesthetics of the historic building, provide ventilation, and allow the tenants to enjoy greater comfort during the heat of summer and the cold of winter.


Recycling Program

To minimize the creation of waste that goes to landfills, the Swift Center practices extensive recycling and uses I.E. Recycling’s curbside pickup.


Sustainable Commuting

At the Swift Center, several amenities are provided to encourage sustainable commuting. Have an errand to run but walked to the Swift Center? No problem! Two fully equipped bikes, helmets, locks, and even a bike trailer are available to any tenant. In 2014, Eagle Scout Nate Jourdonnais built the center’s first covered bike shelter. He used re-purposed and sustainable materials to create a beautiful structure true to the historic aesthetic of the building that will encourage sustainable and healthy transportation in Missoula.

Photo of covered bike shelter built by Eagle Scout Nate Jourdonnais


Green Products

Any purchases made for upkeep of the Swift Center follow a sustainable purchasing guide for all products – from paper to cleaning supplies. In this way we hope to demonstrate community leadership in stimulating markets for green products.


Water Efficiency

The Swift Center also boasts water-efficiency mechanisms. Both bathrooms have low-flow toilets and low-flow aerators on the sinks to control water usage, while the drinking water is purified through reverse osmosis – a type of purification that uses no energy. Plants native to Montana – and adept at surviving the dry summers and cold winters – surround the building, needing very little watering and maintenance but providing foliage and shade.