More than Meets the Eye

The Swift Center for Conservation Education is more than a building. It’s a vibrant hub for collaboration, networking, and community outreach.

Erected in 1912, the historic Swift Building has born witness to a growing and ever-changing Missoula. From a meat packing company to a tombstone making company to a non-profit center, there are stories in every layer of brick and every footprint on the solid fir floorboards. In 2009, Ecology Project International (EPI) purchased the building and began welcoming other non-profit tenants.

Today, two non-profits share the building’s nearly 6,000 square feet, and many more join together for events at the Swift Center that promote conservation education in Missoula and around the globe. To help facilitate collaboration, a shared conference room is available not only to the tenants of the Swift Center, but also available for hourly, daily, or weekly rental by anyone outside the center. Learn more about our conference room technology, rental rates, and non-profit library collection on our Rentals page.

We welcome visitors and hope you’ll join us for one of our regular Events or just stop by, say hello, and listen to some of the many stories this building has to tell.